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The Differences between Lock Systems

The Differences between Lock Systems

There are several differences between locksystems used for residential and commercial purposes. There are two common types of door lock systems, normally referred to as high security and ordinary security locks. There are also three different grades of locks used in residential and commercial applications. Grade 1 locks are high security locks primarily used in industrial and commercial applications. Grade 2 locks are used for increased residential security and commercial applications where there is not a need for Grade 1 lock systems. Grade 3 locks are the lowest quality and are for residential usage only.

Most professional locksmiths in Mississauga refer to Grade 3 locks as throw away locks since they are relatively easy to pick. Grade 3 locks are those brands you find at home improvement stores and other retail outlets. The hardware within the lock contains cylinders with ordinary security features. Many are made from softer metals, which means they can be compromised by drilling into the cylinder to pick the lock.

High security locks, on the other hand, are made from hard metals and are designed to be the most difficult to pick. Since the internal components are made from hard metals, drilling through the lock is also almost impossible. While high security locks can be compromised, the amount of time needed to actually pick the lock is much longer. As a result, most thieves avoid high security locks as the time needed to pick them increases the risks of getting caught.

High security lock systems do cost more than ordinary security lock systems. However, the added expense is often worth it, since you get better door security and peace of mind. Some of the more popular high security lock systems on the market today are Medco and Primus. In addition, key cutting and duplicating is easier to control with high security lock systems as they can only be done by authorized Mississauga locksmiths.

Further, the keys for high security lock systems differ greatly from ordinary security locks. They use complex key configurations to ensure cross keying is avoided and each lock configuration is unique. In cases where a master key system is used, the cuts of the keys and the configurations used are even more complicated to maintain the highest level of security.

Another difference between ordinary security and high security lock systems is their resistance to forced entry and destructive forces. As previously mentioned, ordinary security locks are easy to pick and drill, as well as be destroyed using other methods, like heat and direct impacts from blunt objects. With high security locks, since they are made from hard metal components, they are heat resistant and able to withstand direct impacts much better. They also use restrictive keyways to make it more difficult to manipulate lock picking tools inside the lock.

Now that you now the differences between ordinary and high security lock systems, you will want to ensure your home or business is properly protected with the right lock systems. Feel free to contact Bill’s Lock Service to schedule a security assessment of your home or business in the GTA by phoning 905-564-3434 today.

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