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Remember to Change Locks Anytime a Tenant Moves Out

Remember to Change Locks Anytime a Tenant Moves Out

If you manage or own rental properties, it is important to remember to change the locks after tenants move out using a commercial locksmith in Mississauga. In some cases, the reason for the tenant’s departure from your rental home may have not been under favorable conditions. They might have stopped paying rent and you had to take steps to get them evicted. You could have discovered several violations to the lease agreement, received excessive noise complaints, or the tenant made unapproved modifications to the rental home.

Whether your tenant left on favorable or unfavorable terms does not make a difference. Even if the tenant always paid their rent on time and never had a complaint or lease violation, does not mean you should disregard changing the locks. Many tenants have additional keys made after moving in, like making spare keys for relatives, friends, and their children. When they move out, they often do not remember who has keys to their home and only turn back in the initial set of keys you provided.

While they may not be prone to attempting to re-enter the rental home after moving out, who is to say one of their friends would not? In addition, people’s friendships change on a regular basis. For instance, they could have given a key to a friend six months ago to check on their home while they were on vacation. Since then, they had a disagreement and are no longer friends, but forgot to get the key back from them.

There are several different methods for getting the locks changed on your rental homes. One option is to completely replace the locks with new ones with help from a professional locksmith in Mississauga. If you only have a few rental homes, then this is not very expensive to do every year. On the other hand, if you are managing a large apartment community, it is not realistic or cost effective to install new locks every time a tenant moves out. For larger communities, the tumblers in the existing locks can be altered to change how the lock operates and new keys cut.

It is worth mentioning, one practice some larger rental communities are tempted into doing is swapping locks between apartments. This practice should be avoided since you have no idea how many keys have been cut since you first purchased the lock. It only takes a little persistence by an unhappy former tenant to find the apartment where their key still works. Even though they would be unlawfully entering someone else’s home, do you really want to risk the safety of your current tenants?

Besides being able to replace and re-tumble locks, a commercial locksmith in Mississauga can remove broken keys from locks, repair non-working locks, cut new keys for locks without keys, and more, as well as provide 24 hour emergency locksmith services in the GTA. For more information or to request locksmith services for your rental homes, contact Bill’s Lock Service at 905-564-3434.

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